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 5 Days of Epic Paddling Along Montenegro's Magnificent Coastline

SUP Safaris are authentic adventures and the perfect balance of fun, fitness, and personal challenge. Safaris are for those looking to up their skills and improve their endurance levels.




12-14 kilometers of epic, point-to-point paddling each day

  • Guided paddling along the Adriatic Coast

  • Touring SUPs

  • Carbon Paddles

  • Snorkeling gear 


We stay on the Bay of Kotor at the 4* Palma Hotel for three nights, and then the 4* Splendido Hotel for two nights

  • Private rooms, ensuite

  • Hotels directly on the water

  • Single or double occupancy


Start your day with a hearty breakfast. We choose a special spot for lunches after paddling, dinners are on  you. 

  • All breakfasts included

  • Four lunches included

  • ∞ Filtered Water included


Pick up and drop off in Tivat, Kotor, or Budva, all tour transfers & cable car excursion.

Transfers to/from Podgorica are available at a cost of €65 (up to 4 pax) or €100 (up to 8 pax) each way.

where WE PADDLE 



The 5-Day Sea & Bay SUP Safari is an exploration of Montenegro's iconic coastline, perfect for paddlers looking for a challenging yet comfortable touring adventure. Paddlers can expect a variety of conditions throughout the day. Along with flat conditions we can encounter swells, standing waves, short waves, a "confused sea" and the occasional dolphin. The coastline is rugged, with coves, caves and the occasional spit of beach to explore. The sea is undulating blue and green and inviting; frequent swimming is a great way to deal with the heat of the day. As we work our way from Bigova into the Bay of Kotor we'll see all manor of natural and cultural sites, in the best way to explore coastal Montenegro. For paddlers looking to spend more time in the area, either paddling or exploring on land, we can suggest accommodations and other activities after the Safari ends. 

Check out this graphical interactive tour of the Sea&Bay Safari on Google Earth.

DAy 1-Sunset SUP

On arrival day we'll meet you at one of the airports and bring you to the accommodation to get settled in. In the late afternoon we'll meet for an evening paddle session. First, we'll take some time to discuss some paddleboarding theory and then head out around 2 hours before sunset for a refresher for anyone who hasn't paddled for a bit, and we can offer some suggestions around  technique as needed. We will then head off to enjoy a lovely sunset, paddling to Gospa od Milosrđa, a monastery on a small island at the top of Sv. Marko Island. Well cover a relaxed 7 kilometers and then head back for dinner.

Screenshot 2023-11-14 230026.png
Screenshot 2023-11-14 230026.png

DAy 2 Sea to sky

Today we'll start at paddling from a delightful fishing village called Bigova. The start is entirely sheltered which makes it an easy progression as we head to the more open waters of Trašte Bay, an also protected stretch of water on the Adriatic. Eventually we'll paddle into the open sea, and along the coast of Lustica Peninsula for around 5k. There are some great snorkeling spots along the way, as well as caves and coves and cliffs suitable for climbing and jumping. We'll land at the camp at Veslo we're we'll finish paddling there for the day, and in the afternoon everyone will have an opportunity to take a cable car from Dub to 1300 meters above Kotor for some truly outstanding views. 

Distance 12.7K

DAY 3-Blue Cave

Paddling from Veslo on Day 2, we'll make an early 7AM start and immediately visit the Blue Cave and other caves before the boats arrive, and do some more snorkeling, then head towards Mamula Island and Mirista where we can stop at the the Arza Fortress and take a break at Arza beach, have lunch nearby, before continuing on to the charming fishing village, Rose, our destination for the day. 

Distance 13.2K

Screenshot 2023-11-16 052929.png
Screenshot 2023-11-16 053902.png

DAY 4-In the Bay 

We'll depart from Rose and head toward Yugoslav submarine hide and check that out, before crossing over to the resort, Porto Novi, where we we'll stop for coffee and rub shoulders with the glitterati. From there, we'll pass by the resorts Djenovici and Bijela and stop for lunch on the way to Kamenari. After lunch we head through the straights of Verige and haul up on the beach for an ice cold one to end the day! 

Distance 13.8K

DAY 5 - To Kotor

Our last day of paddling begins with visits to two iconic Montenegrin sites, Her Lady of the Rocks Island whose church, Gospa od Škrpjela, is Montenegro's most famous site, and the seafarers village of Perast, one of the most popular villages, ideally accessed from the water by SUP. We’ll visit both and have a chance to walk around Perast and grab a coffee, before heading towards Kotor. We’ll paddle past the old villages, Stoliv and Perast before lunch, and then to Muo and Kotor after lunch.Today's tour ends with a farewell afternoon lunch before transferring to our next adventures. 

Distance 12.2K

Screenshot 2023-11-16 073445.png



2024 Dates & Pricing: 

StandarD SEASOn Safaris: 
une 3rd-8
June 24th-29th*
September 23rd-28th*
October 7th-12th*
October 21st-26th*

€908 per person, based on double-
 single room supplement

July 8th-13th*
July 22nd-27th
August 12th-17th*

€1055 per person, based on double-occupancy
€350 single room supplement

`T & C & Payment:
Deposit: 30% on booking.
Balance: payable 30 days prior to the tour's start. 

Payments Options:
Visa & Mastercard or Wise or Revolut (please inquire)

Cancellation Policy:  
If you cancel more than 45 days from tour's start date, 100% of your deposit becomes a credit*. For cancellations more than 30 days from the tour's start, you'll receive a 50% credit. Within 14 days of a tour's start, a your deposit is forfeited. *Credits don't expire, and can be transferred to someone else. 

BOOK With debit or credit card: 


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