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Starboard Widepoint 10.5 x 32 Inflatable Zen

Starboard Widepoint 10.5 x 32 Inflatable Zen

€989.00 Regular Price
€949.00Sale Price

The ultimate all-rounder board for riders up to 95kg, the Starboard 10'5 Widepoint Astro Zen 2018  provides adequate stability to cruise with friends or play in small surf. The nose and tail of the Starboard 10'5 Widepoint 2018  is tapered, allowing you to achieve better glide and tracking, whilst retaining enough of its all-round shape for optimum balance and stability.

  • Tech Specification

    Length -10.5 feet

    Width - 32 inches

    Thickness - 4.75 inches

    Volume - 235-293 litres

    Weight - 10.8 kg


  • Product Details

    Starboard have refined their board construction for 2018, under the ethos ‘more meat, less fat’. They have massively improved their Zen construction method, including more fibre to produce a stiffer board, whilst reducing the coating and glue meaning that Zen boards are now lighter than ever – up to 2kg lighter than 2016 editions. This ‘less is more’ ethos is extended to their V8 flow valve, which allows you to reach the appropriate pressure faster, and with less effort. As well as this, the Starboard 10'5 Widepoint Astro Zen 2018 also features a 2000 DENIER Sandwiched rail which acts as a stiffener running down the sides of the board providing extra strength and an unparalleled firmness. Additionally, the Starboard 10'5 Widepoint Astro Zen 2018 come with flex fixed fins which are very durable; able to withstand the hard knocks of life and whatever comes your way on the water.


    The Starboard 10'5 Widepoint 2018 also has several practical features designed to make your life easier – it has a neoprene paddle holder and carry strap on its tail to make lugging your equipment around more manageable. Other additions include an integrated D-ring on the nose for towing and a centre-board carry handle.


    And that’s just the board – it is supplied with a stylish Zen bag and double action pump as well, making you all but ready to take your Starboard 10'5 Widepoint 2018 inflatable to the water and get in the ‘Zen’ mindset.


    The Starboard 10'5 Widepoint Astro Zen 2018 includes -


    Zen technology – light, stiff, strong

    Neoprene paddle holder and carry strap on the tail

    Centre board carry handle

    Integrated towing d ring on the nose

    Leash ring on the deck at the tail

    2mm EVA deck pad with croc skin texture

    Zen bag

    Double Action pump

    Overboard Phone Case

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