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Starboard Widepoint 10.5 x 32 (Hardboard)

Starboard Widepoint 10.5 x 32 (Hardboard)

€1,099.00 Regular Price
€934.15Sale Price

The Starboard 10’5 Widepoint is a paddleboard that strikes a balance between glide and stability – the result being a board that will appeal to SUP riders of all persuasions! The 10’5” length allows easy, early entry into small surf and flat-water glide, whilst the 32” provides adequate balance for cruising and surfing alike!

  • Tech Specification

    tarboard 10’5 Widepoint Starlite dimensions -

    Length: 10'5 feet

    Width: 32 inches

    Thickness: 4.7 inches

    Tail Width: 16.9 inches

    Volume: 178 L

    Recommended Rider Weight: 55 - 105 kg




  • Product Details

    The pulled in nose and tail outline of the Starboard 10’5 Widepoint are the chief reasons for the board’s excellent speed, creating a streamlined shape that moves through the water with ease and assists in the smooth release of water off the tail section. The bottom shape consists of a mono-concave nose, which feeds into a heavy midsection V and double concave, making rail-to-rail transitions incredibly easy. This then feeds into the tail concave, which itself enables super-tight and fast cutbacks. As such, there are only a few boards in which glide and manoeuvrability are combined so completely, as they are in the Starboard 10’5 Widepoint.

    The Starboard 10’5 Widepoint Starlite employs Starboard's ‘Starlite’ construction – meaning that the hull is wrapped in a combination of different fibreglass densities, providing the bulk of the board’s strength and durability. The standing area is reinforced by a 0.6mm layer of Australian Pine, increasing deck impact resistance and contributing to the overall rigidity of the board. The Starboard 10’5 Widepoint Starlite is further reinforced along the rails with a high grade, woven, Carbon Innegra, to maximise impact resistance and hull strength. In boards under 10 foot, additional glass reinforcements and Carbon stringers are added to the rail, to further bolster the board’s strength. The result is a board that is, at once, lightweight and well protected from scratches and dings.

    Starlite construction also utilises a fully plant based Bio resin infusion, maintaining superior performance with a lower impact on the environment. In addition, Starboard use inverted EVA deck pads to avoid waste, meaning every second board will have a reverse colour combination from what is featured. So not only is the Starboard 10’5 Widepoint Starlite super strong and lightweight – it’s also kinder on the environment!

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