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Starboard Blend11.2 x 32 Inflatable Zen

Starboard Blend11.2 x 32 Inflatable Zen

€1,049.00 Regular Price
€650.00Sale Price

s the name suggests, the 2018 Starboard 11'2 Blend Zen blends flat water and touring capabilities – the outline plan of the 11'2 is similar to that of the smaller Wide Point with a tapered nose and rounded tail making the transition from flat water to peforming in waves seamless. The greater overall length of the Starboard 11'2 Blend however, increases both tracking and glide making this best selling Starboard inflatable paddleboard out perform smaller boards in a wide range of conditions. The 2018 Starboard 11'2 Zen is also thicker than last years model, meaning even more rigidity and volume for larger paddlers and family use.

  • Tech Specification

    Specification of the 2018 Starboard 11'2 Blend Astro Zen


    Length -11.2 feet

    Width - 32 inches

    Thickness -  inches

    Volume -  litres

    Weight - 11.5 kg



  • Product Details

    The Starboard 11'2 Blend is easily one of our favourite inflatable paddleboards, not only from Starboard but of any brand. Everyone board in someway is a compromise but the Blend offers the least compromise of almost any inflatable board we have paddled due to its ability to combine great flat water performance with lots of ability in the surf, making it extremely versatile in the hands of a novice through to an expert. With a long waterline length of 11'2 for an all-rounder, the Starboard Blend glides very well of flat water, offering excellent tracking and great touring capability for paddlers upto 115kg. While it's refinded narrow tail makes it lively and responsive in the surf, getting the most out of the hard wearing thruster fin set up mounted very far down the tail of this inflatable paddleboard.

    Starboard have refined their inflatable Zen board construction for 2018; with more drop stitch fibres and twin compression stringers combining to produce a much stiffer board. While overall paddleboard weight has been lowered due to a reduction in the coating and glue used, creating the lightest Starboard inflatable ever. Flexible reinforcement plates have also been nested together in key standing areas completing this excellent construction method. 

    The 2018 Starboard 11'2 x 32" Blend Zen comes complete with the lightweight, stylish and wheeled Re-Cover board bag, Starboard Double Action Pump, Starboard lightweight leash, Waterproof phone case, repair kit and 3 piece alloy paddle – ready for you to take to the water and achieve the ‘Zen’ mindset.

    Please note - the black pump pictured is a rolling change for Starboard during the 2018 season as they move from the 'blue' version of this pump to the black coloured pump manufactured from recycled fishing net


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