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We hired SUPs and a Kayak for 5 days. Delivered to our local jetty by boat same day and picked up by car. Helpful advice made certain that we hired the right equipment. Perfect!

Craig Tombling

July, 2018



In 2010 I sailed into the Bay of Kotor and literally dropped at the end of a multiyear break sailing around Europe. The first thing one notices in Tivat is how breathtaking beautiful the views are in every direction. The second thing is how Montenegro seemed set back in time unspoiled by hellbent consumerism and mass market ideology.


As one does when staring down 50 with no desire to return a corporate job, I determined to make a passion for adventure sports into a lifestyle business, and as Montenegro had the main ingredients, the sea and the mountains, in spades, founded Montenegro+ with a mission to deliver authentic sports adventures (now called active tourism) to visitors to Montenegro. 


I hadn't actually tried SUP at that point but a kite surfer friend suggested it, so we bought some Starboard SUPs and we got paddling. Admittedly, it was lonely on SUPs back in those days; rare everywhere but unheard of in Montenegro, and we got some pretty funny looks from fishing boats and the yachts.


Enjoying the novelty, and notoriety we explored Montenegro and gathered lots of knowledge about the geography and . We also learned lots about the local weather patterns and where we can calmly paddle when the winds blowing from one or another point on the compass.  


Fast forward to now and SUP is now more than a sport, it’s become a way of life, and we’re glad waited it out, as now rarely a day goes by without someone wanting to come and SUP here. Were still out on the water, and still finding new places and things to see, some we’ve paddled past dozens of times without noticing them. In sum, there’s always something new to find on a SUP, paddling never gets old, and two days on the water are never alike.

What's next


This year were introducing some new products, four SUP retreats and one SUP safari, to give you maximum exposure to all of Montenegro’s waterways and time paddling. The four-day retreats offer paddling on all four days, and the seven-day retreats offer paddling on all seven day, unlike some other retreats that offer fewer days off paddling and more down-time.

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